The Night Before – Movie Premier

We honestly never know what to expect from movie premiers. Let alone ones when the cast is there. You almost feel pressure to make yourself like the films. When it’s a comedy, you think, “fuck, what if I don’t think it’s funny and I fake laugh and everyone knows I’m faking it” ….. Well, as far as we are both concerned, this movie was hilarious.

It’s one of those films that anyone that has partied as a teen OR adult can identify with… to an extent. And honestly, it’s hard not to laugh at Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan being drunken idiots in the same film. Throw Anthony Mackie into the mix and it becomes pretty god damn funny. Let alone these three guys who you would never picture being friends. Which lead Mackie to grab the mic before the film started and say “To the dude who tweeted that ‘Those three dudes would never be friends’, Fuck YOU” and obviously everyone in the audience laughed. Definitely a film to see that if you like to laugh at material you don’t have to think much about. For sure worth a view.

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