The Kentucky Derby with Grey Goose

Photo May 07, 11 15 30 AM

From a guys perspective, the Derby should consist of booze and betting. But, I don’t bet. So, it involved myself having some drinks and wearing more color than I have ever have. Ever. Compared to many (most) other guys there, I was dressed pretty monotoned. But, for me, I was a flower.

Luckily, my buddies at Alexander Nash in NYC know my style well enough to not push me into a pink suit. They set me up with an amazing seersucker suit for Derby Day, pretty much the best straw hat I have ever seen and a blue dinner jacket or the night before. I threw in my own touches… some navy trousers with the seersucker top and some white Calvin Klein pants to go with the blue dinner coat. And, as always, my YSL boots that I insist to wear with everything from a tux to jeans shorts (a bit of an exaggeration). I added some pocket squares, ties belts etc as my own touches.

Photo May 07, 12 35 09 PM Photo May 07, 12 03 32 PM Photo May 07, 11 15 30 AM Photo May 06, 12 15 12 PM

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