The Big Island – Hawaii


Having had the honor of capturing the wedding bliss of BCP jewelry owner, Barby Pellegrino, and bad-ass beau Billy, I found myself in the thick of the ultimate Hawaiian experience. Although I have been to the Hawaiian islands many times before, I had never had the opportunity to visit Hawi, it’s lush tropical wonders, (or it’s living, breathing volcano) until now. Before I knew it, I had found my own personal paradise – And it just so happened to be filled with a slew of new friends, a pair of flats, no phone service, my ALL BLACK wardrobe and my camera gear.

We spent a week at gorgeous Puakea Ranch where we drank wine under the stars, shared stories in multiple languages, lived off the land, and, most importantly, celebrated the union of a beautiful duo among their closest friends and family.

The in-between moments we shared were just as unique as they were inspiring. The big event just as important as the overall adventure. I was excited in every stretch of the imagination. I didn’t even realize I had it in me. I mean, who doesn’t pack a pair of heels somewhere in their luggage when they live in NYC? Seriously.

In short… Luke, I’m ready to go back!

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