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Snow, snow, more snow and Sundance with Canada Goose.

After being in the hot desert for a bit, getting to head back to our roots (cold weather & snow) was a welcome journey. We prefer colder weather, storms and overcast more than we do hot weather and the sun if you could believe it. So, when we got a call from Canada Goose inviting us to spend Sundance with them in an amazing mountainside estate, how could we say no?

Upon our arrival, the snow was abound; And for the better part of a week, it never stopped. With no end in sight, we learned that Utah had the most snow they’ve had in nearly a dozen years. It was amazing. It made the roads a bit crazier and the adventure a bit more hilarious. But all in good fun because we got to experience and navigate the blizzard together. Watching our Canada Goose team get around was an adventure in itself. We may have, quite possibly, been the warmest and calmest folks in town due to our impenetrable outer layers. These conditions are what the brand is made for after all!
Canada Goose Basecamp had it all figured out. They boasted the prime real estate of main street; Serving up delicious treats, heated seats, and a movie room you could lose yourself in for hours. Centrally located, the Hollywood heavyweights, and locals alike, came by to share in the experience together.
A slew of world class dinners, premiers, and parties, made up the bulk of our social agenda for the week.
In particular, some standouts: Polka King staring Jack Black was pretty damn entertaining. Based on a true story, we even got a song and dance with the cast, crew, and star of the flick. Arm and arm with the ACTUAL Polka king, Jack Black was on fire. The Inconvenient Sequel was, how you say, …eye opening. Watching Al Gore speak afterwards was quite the honor regardless of your political stance. The man has one hell of a presence when he enters the room. AND THEN, there’s legendary ROBERT FUCKING REDFORD. Over 80 years old, looks 40, and oozes more ‘cool’ than one could possibly fathom.
Between the sincere charisma and the general respect for greatness, you could hear a pin drop as the original Jay Gatsby took the stage to address our audience. Is there truly anyone more captivating?  It is thanks to him we are afforded this supreme luxury of experiencing, what is considered, one of the greatest weeks in film to boot. It’s where movies can be famously made or exquisitely broken. Sundance provides a channel for Independant film makers to showcase their art to legions of movies stars, celebrities, creatives and film critics alike.
There is no doubt that we will be returning to Utah in times to come. (To be honest, we were crossing our fingers we didn’t have to leave to begin with.) Park City carries an energy that we rank quite highly our list.
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