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Snapchat post.

2015-11-20 13.08.44atwa

Snap Chat….where to begin with this beautiful catastrophe of human creation. We were super reluctant to get it after years of people saying we should (mostly bc Melissa is out of her f*cking mind and would make for absolute gold on video).  Low and behold, we get it and just as everyone expected, a week in and there’s a hundred dollar bill (the same one always. we aren’t rich pricks) being thrown at everything from Luke to a car to coffee to a treadmill. This will more or less become a very regular theme on our

Snapchat….Melissa, making it “rain”. We’ll do our best to keep up with it and show the regular side of our life as well. Which really doesn’t exist bc we are both pretty abnormal. It’s been fun so far. Well worth it.

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