Sidecars & sidecars with Remy Martin.


It’s not everyday that I get to race Remy Martin/Ural sidecar motorcycles around the streets of Manhattan…until now.

To celebrate National Cognac Day, Remy Martin invited a small group of us to ride in and drive sidecar motorbikes around the city. Luckily, my partner was an absolute monster at teaching me the ins and outs of riding one (as I have never had the chance). It’s like driving a convertible that you can ride sideways in. As you can see in the images….oops.

They topped the day off with an amazing party at Restaurant Marc Forgione complete with custom cocktails & small food samplings. Including everything bagel bites filled with cream cheese. The size of a large peanut. I ate about 50…The attention to interior details & music kept the party going until the authorities had to tell us to turn it down….IN NYC…that’s a new one. One of the more fun day/nighttime combo events I’ve been a part of. Remy Martin is doing a National Tour of select cities with the sidecars & after parties. If you’re near a city that is taking part, get signed up IMMEDIATELY.







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