Powers Ugly Sweater Party

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Every Christmas season our best friends, Steve and Jen Powers, host an ugly sweater party. It has become an extremely legitimate, highly contested event. Complete with Trophies for the winners. More important, the bragging rights for a year that you neat all of your friends and took home the trophies. We made our own, which we feel should be a new rule. Mine (Luke) was a Jon Hamm themed sweater. Jon Hamms Holiday Ham. Melissas was a Dexter themed Killer Christmas sweater. Both complete with our own touches. Including photos of Jon Hamm, knives, fake fingers…everything you would expect from weird minds of Melissa and I. Next year, we are not leaving without those trophies.

This year was won by Michael Hanz for the men with a Birthday Boy (Jesus) sweater. Although, he won bc he twerked. Since the win requires the largest applause, when a 6 foot 4 man begins to twerk, people tend to get very, very loud. For the girls, Dani Mathers (Playboys Playmate of the year for 2015) won with a sweater we won’t mention bc the family in which America is known for is what it was themed after and Melissa and I feel as though lightening will strike us if we ever mention the name. We will say that it has a large, plastic ass attached to the front. Until next time.

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