Holiday Trimming

Being a guy whose facial hair grows at a very alarming rate, if I don’t trim it almost everyday, I have a full beard in less than a month. I’ve used just about every trimmer out there. My biggest complaint was the fact none had a floating head that moved to fit the┬ácontours of my face.

Conair sent me the Stubble Trimmer to try out. It makes a world of difference, especially on my jawline. Having the head able to move has made this my go to. And the battery life is great. No exaggeration, my facial hair is so thick, most razors start to lose power by the time I get to my chin (seriously). The battery life is great, the LED display and digital measurements are great. Overall, just a great, speak, well designed and performing trimmer. The perfect gift for that well stubbled man in your life.


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