Formula E with Audi


Being an overall automobile fanatic, when Audi asks you to do, well, just about anything, you jump at the chance. When they send you a racing jacket with your name on it (literally) you don’t ask questions. You just commit.

Which is what I did when the Formula E series came to NYC for the first time last week. I am as much into the technology that is being built into cars now a days as I am the driving them. Don’t et me wrong, I am a purist and will always favor manual shifting and air-cooled engines. None the less, what they are able to do with cars now a days is absolutely insane. It’s the stuff of the future. Which intrigues me to no end…never did I think I would attend a car race where all you hear are tires on pavement. You don’t need ear muffs, noise cancelling headphones or to even raise your voice when speaking. Just the hiss of the tires as they fly past. It will be really interest to see where Audi takes their electric race cars in the future. They won me over. That’s for sure. I highly recommend anyone who is a car or technology fan to attend a race. They’re extremely informative on technology as well. If you attend one, be sure to let me know your thoughts!






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