Happenings, Theirs

Snow, snow, more snow and Sundance with Canada Goose.

After being in the hot desert for a bit, getting to head back to our roots (cold weather & snow) was a welcome journey. We prefer colder weather, storms and overcast more than we do hot weather and the sun if you could believe it. So, when we got a call from Canada Goose inviting us to spend Sundance with them in an amazing mountainside estate, how could we say no?

GQ x Godiva


Preparing for Valentines Day, Godiva & GQ teamed up to produce a commercial to encourage men make the day an all day thing. They booked us as the talent for the commercial that shot at Drift Studios.
Was pretty much the most laid back, fun job we’ve shot in a while. It’s always amazing when we are both booked in front of the camera together.

More over at QC.

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Diesel Match

Diesel included us in their Match campaign for 2016. Featuring their under garment collection.
Most of the content was focused around Valentines Day. Go figure.