4th July.

This photo more or less explains our 4th of July and the whole “Two is a party” sentiment. We just call it a pool party so we seem like we did a lot. But, we didn’t. We pretty much blasted music, swam in the pool and drank tequila. Amongst other spirits. We did watch the near by fireworks….from the pool.

Over all, it was just a few friends having a more quite time than we ever get to have in NYC or elsewhere. Sometimes, those kinds of nights are the most fun ones.

diddy 4th of july




Cross America – Summer 2012

“Five years later? Six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run . . . but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant. . . .” – Hunter S. Thompson

After Sandy (Luke’s mother) passed away in April, then our beloved Iggy (our puppy) in June, we were both at a loss. A loss of inspiration, a loss of direction and just an overall feeling of confusion. We decided, at that crossroads, to just get in a car and drive.

So, we did.

As Luke grew up reading, traveling and having parents who LOVED and cherished spiritual journeys, we set out to honor just that.

What was originally set out to be two and a half weeks driving from NYC to San Diego turned into – two months, 10,000 and some odd miles, 29 states, two cars, 210 hours driving and many, MANY nights that began with strangers who are now family.

It wasn’t long before we realized it was our healing, our time to celebrate the love that the souls we lost gave us, and it was our freedom that their moving on allowed us.

With the right perspective, EVERYTHING can be positive. There is something the road gives you when you least expect it. Driving across America answered questions we didn’t even think to ask. Something that can not necessarily be captured in words on a page or maybe even in a photo. It is something that your mind and soul just understand without hesitation and you carry it forward with you. Each time you revisit the memories, you learn something new. Maybe that’s just what it is…the never ending lesson that only the road can give you.

So many sun-drenched roads between cell service and sand….and here we did our best to capture the timelessness that is the American landscape.