Big Sur with Ferrari

Photo May 17, 10 53 33 AM

A once in a lifetime experience….that’s what this trip was. How often are you rang up to drive a newly released Ferrari California T up the Big Sur coastline and back into what more or less turns into a rally road….to a pit stop at Clint Eastwoods golf course….to a private dinner in Carmel? And have it all shot and filmed and turned into a mini film? Not often…actually, never. Well, once….

Photo May 18, 5 08 59 PM

I am a massive car fan. For all of you who know anything about me, you know I am gear head. From muscles cars, to motorcycles to Plymouth Specials to imports. And everything in between. Basically, if it has wheels and can move, I am, in one way shape or form, a fan of it. Ferrari spared not a single expense.

Photo May 17, 7 28 11 PM

With suites at Ventana Inn & Spa, they curated private drinks over looking the ocean followed by a dinner in the middle of the woods. The entire experience was something I will never forget with a very unforgettable crew as well.

Photo May 16, 6 37 48 PM

Ferrari definitely put the right people together for an unforgettable three days. I am waiting for my phone to ring again and hear the same offer on the other end. I would do it everyday for a very long time if I could.

Photo May 16, 8 28 45 PM

Not to mention the car itself….needless to say, I pushed it pretty hard and it never, once wanted to slow down. It seemed as though it was always on the edge of taking off on its own. Until next time I see those roads on another wheeled vehicle, I will be pining for it….

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