A night with The Dalmore.


The Dalmore, one of the more refined malt whiskies in the spirits world held a very small tasting with their master distiller, Richard Paterson.

We were honored to be invited.

Held at The Raines Law Room at the William Hotel in midtown Manhattan, the tasting was complete with getting to sample their Core Collection, along with learning the proper way to taste, smell and experience the spirit. Being shown by Richard how to carefully identify the different notes and ingredients is something any whisky enthusiast would cherish. Richard has spent 50 years in the industry and is highly regarded as an expert. He plays an integral role in the creation of each blend. The result of his efforts is a diverse flavor palette that requires a great deal of time and skill to create and later detect in the tasting process.

Aside from The Dalmore being a brand that we have always loved, the chance to be able to hear the man behind the brand explain its rich history & passion is something we are forever grateful for.

Here’s to the whiskey pride of Scotland….We strongly suggest if you have not yet had the chance to taste The Dalmore, you do so.








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